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Crispy Goodness Of Our Cookies

Baked with care, they offer a perfect balance of taste and texture, making each bite a delightful experience. Elevate your tea time or enjoy them on the go with our exquisite biscuit selection.

Special Mix Biscuit
Mix Biscuit
Almond Nan Khatai
Pista Nan Khatai
Khalifa Nan Khatai
Cake Rusk
Bakar Khani
Square Khaary
Tie Khaary
French Heart Khaary
Cheese Stick
Black Paper Stick
Cheeni Stick
Zeera Stick
Zeera Biscuit
Chocolate Phool Biscuit
Chocolate Marble Biscuit
Chocolate Chip Biscuit
Jaam Phool Biscuit
Jaam Marble Biscuit
Coffee Caramel Biscuit
Coffee Walnut Biscuit
Coconut Cherry Biscuit
Coconut Hard Biscuit
Soft Coconut Biscuit
Egg Biscuit
Maghaz Biscuit
Ringo Badaam Biscuit
Peanut Biscuit
Plain Khopra Biscuit
Karela Biscuit
Kalonji Biscuit
Macroni Biscuit
Pista Fridge Biscuit
English Stick Biscuit
Badaam Cookie’s
Kajoo Cookies
Pista Cookies
Almond Cookies

Crispy Rusks, Bite After Bite

Start your mornings with a crunchy delight, our rusks are baked to perfection, offering a crispy and flavorful companion to your tea or coffee.

Gol Paapy
Candy Paapy
Regular Paapy
Burger Paapy
Moty Paapy
Garlic Paapy