Four decades ago, Haji Ubaidur Raheem laid down the foundation with brand name of QASR-E-SHEEREEN and begin its journey from Karachi. With rich experience, QASR-E-SHEEREEN offered traditional Sweets product alongwith innovative sweets & bakery products that delight its customer.
Under the guidance of Haji Ubaidur Raheem and leadership of Haji Rasheed Ahmed, QASR-E-SHEEREEN established itself as brand in the field of Sweets & Bakers, because of its exceptional quality and taste of Sweets & Bakery products.


QASR-E-SHEEREEN faced challenged from competitors who tried to use reputation of QASR-E-SHEEREEN and start using brand name of SHEEREEN in their business. In order to protect the brand rights, QASR-E-SHEEREEN registered as only brand in the field of sweets & bakery product.


Now the third generation, under the management of Mr.Umair Ahmed, QASR-E-SHEEREEN is offering wide range of Sweets & Bakery product as well as latest Fast Food items i.e. Pizza, Sandwiches etc. QASR-E-SHEEREEN offers the cleanest and best quality products, produced using the most modern technology to suits the contemporary taste. These latest developments however do not stop us from continuing the traditional tastes and recipes with a motto “we delight our customers by our products”.
Following the footsteps of our elders, a journey to continuous improvement and march towards excellence, QASR-E-SHEEREEN has inaugurated Packaged Food Products, delivering high quality and great taste product, across the country and worldwide.


Handpicked, well-trained and experienced staff to look after the interests of our customer. Be it production unit team, counter sales team, all feel pride in the association with QASR-E-SHEEREEN. You will find them very eager to assist you and to satisfy your needs to the best satisfaction, as per our tradition.
QASR-E-SHEEREEN welcome its prestigious customer and assure high quality products each & every time, reflecting from the fact that QASR-E-SHEEREEN is ISO 9001-2008 certified.